such is life

So yea, what happen to the whole Job thing?

well. still no calls by G-Smart, figured that I am such a tough choice, its good to be in a tough choice, but that's alright, I went to another interview, this time the place is in Puchong, directly opposite IOI mall. it is really a small office, but basically what I look for in a company... go check it out, pretty neat for a Malaysian...

Interview was superb, since the last time I messed up quite a bit, this time round I am kinda determine to make it a good one, and I did, and the envioroment helped as well, this is not a fancy company, in fact it is so small and hidden behind the bush, (they have no glass door, only wooden door, so they have to lock it) and walking up flights of stairs aint a good thing.. haha

I was greeted by a girl whom I spoke to on the phone, btw her name is RACHEL, and then lead me to this project managet kinda guy, I figure he is the boss as well. Nice and blur guy, talked to him a bit and presented my artwork, he kept asking... did you do this? you drew it yourself, have you work in any agencies before... uh.... i kept saying no, and he didn't push much, wasn't that fussy, only requested my cert at the end of our conversation... alright

2 company, 2 diff perspective, 2 opportunity, 2 future, which will call me and which will I choose? the recent company,

PROs - I get to do what i like best, design tht is pleasing to the eye,
- Satisfying job, no rush for anything, slow and easy, 9-5
- Nearer than G smart, parking free, food heaven

Cons - Toll, either way still have to pay
- like what joe said, future is bleak (unless I don't work long la)

I dunno, God it is up to you... I don't care. just want a job that is good for me, which is it? which one should I take, I dowan to take the road not taken

on the other hand, I finish the book I bought months ago, RUN BABY RUN, the life story of NICKY CRUZ, he was a gang president of the largerst and most fearsome gang in the ghetto of New York, call the Mau Maus, and his life was transform really cool story, almost seems like fiction, realy, like adventure of hucckberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

the best thing was, I bought that book, but I did not read it because I don't really have time to really want to start, and I brought it to australia and of course no time to read even on plane (thanks to media distractions) however Joe and I went starbucks yesterday and i brought it along, and I started reading at 10.30 pm on the 12th of sept, and I finished on the 13th of sept at about 4pm... nuts.. haha I have never read and finish a book within 24 hours, this shows that this is good book.. haha

alright man gtg sleep see ya


Rachz said...

i literally laugh out (not)loud when i see the beautiful name in capital letters haha..

weiz tat building i worked there before Joleen oso..~

angeliCassie said...

why don't you want to take the road not taken?ever read Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"?...

"I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."


Anonymous said...

i tot that is ioi business centre? john ur job there meh?


Rachz said...

oklarz here's some serious advice.
I assume u've never work in a design company before yea? I think for 'beginners' it's better for u to take the IOI 1.. since u've mentioned that u can do what you like and u like the environment, which is very important, u do noe ur gonna spend like 80% of ur daytime in that room rite?

As for G-smart, i dunno, they've called me before, dun really like 'em. No prejudice but I dun think by working there ur future will be any brighter than the IOI 1.
Besides, designers normally change jobs after 1 or 2 years, it's pretty normal,especially if it's their 1st job. So since it's just a starting point, why don't u choose the one that u feel more comfortable with?