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I have written a number of songs, haha not that anyone knows, but yea I have written a few songs and here is one of them, I am actually gonna record it for the CD recording thing, but I don't have a title for it as yet, I will come up with a title soon... for those of you who have the schedule, the title of it is call "I Know" but I have decided not to fix it as that yet

For now here is the song, and if any of you have any melody for the verse can you please let me know, I can't really write melody for Verses.. some people are better at that.


here it is

oh yea thanks to my infamous singing, you'll need the lyrics

A thousand miles
Is right before Me
The long and winding road
I can't see the end

Where are you oh God
when I needed you
in the raging seas
I'm drowing

But I know you are right, with me
And I know.. you are right..right here.

A thousand miles
Is how I feeling now
Just so far away
so far away

I can't make it alone
Not alone Not alone
Not alone

Oh my God
You know that I Need You here right here right now
So help me draw close to you
Help me to find a place
between my knee and the ground
between my head and the heart
cause I know you're always here
between my sin and my shame
You are close to my skin
and I know you are right here
right now right now
right now

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Rachelz said...

whoaz~ the bra's song worz haha weiz want to dl but unfortunately am at office if i dl ur blog will be blocked, hehe not bad that rhymes