Man Made Machines? (RIDES)

Ah today is a state holiday... not even 7 days to work and I having holiday, well, Joleen and I went to Genting,(most people would call us nuts to go on a holiday) it is something that she wants to do with me for quite some time, so me and Jo just decided to go today (I haven't driven up to genting before)

This time I didn't manage to get up to genting, since I got fedup with my car muffle.. I parked halfway toke the cable car instead. It is suprisingly crowdless today at genting, so as usual, I will try avoiding outdoor, as I have been disappointed a lot the previous visits..

So we started off by going to ripley's archive, pretty cool artifacts and stuff there, sort of like a museum kinda thing. we toke I think an hour to finish the walk (This we're the only 2 psycho ever been there today) We then went to Motion Master they were screening Alice in the wonderland (which is extremely boring and waste of money) And then nothing else to do after that, I don't want to bore her by sitting in starbucks or walking around, so I decided to go outdoor with her...

I decided not to take the space shot and cockscrew but I pretty much ride everything there. we start with the spinner and went to the tobaggo something, it is like riding down the tube. I played that like 3 times. and childish rides? how can you miss the caterpillar and the merry go round? It was also my first time sitting the Cyclon ( the miniature coaster ) I sat that like 3 times also.... that was probably the biggest thing I did. and we sit teapot and spinner a few more times till I can still feel something spinning inside my head.

The thing is, not that I don't want to try things, it is just I don't trust Malaysian's products. Have you seen how run down the stuffs are in genting? their like all old and untaken care of. People have died and of course the press are paid and stuff like that. Everytime I hit a corner I'll be like. Is it going to fall off? Am I the last one who'll ride this? and cheats what I call 'A very very brief glimpse of death' that's what that thrills people aint it? its like OH... here it goes I AM GOING TO CRASH.. nope... and I survive...

so Rundown Metal + Not so serious workers = not my cup of tea

And the 2nd thought that came to my mind when I decided to skip the space shot is I just don't like the fact that we're not in control of things... but a couple of metal and electronic board are have you wonder what metal the spinner is made of? It only takes one side to snap and that's it. disaster... I like to be able to control things to go my way... that's it!

The bottom line, I had fun, but yet at the same time it got me thinking alot about stuff. Joleen had fun too, she says she ride the longest today. She sat the cockscrew btw... Yea Yea I am just gutless maybe next time when I give in to peer preasure I'll go sit those things. I am just really tired after rides after rides after rides... just too old for


Kimberly said...

wow.. cool holidays.. kinda miss genting..

so far i've tried onli one ride over here.. which Msia don have.. but is real expensive.. A$8 per ride.. n is very "chik kek"..

my friend said once is more than enough.. though i also scare.. but i would like to try again if u want to.. haha..

take care n send my regards to Joleen.. miss u all.. :)

angeliCassie said...

owh puhleese bro john...where got ppl sit rides,go and think abt metal and stuff one?...hehe but glad u make good use of that one day holiday!

Anonymous said...

banyak alasan...
date with joleen also got so many is u man!!! :)

-u jst knw who i am-