No such word found in my dictionary. People say work will change you, work is tougher than college. yada yada yada... for me work is where I waste my time at.

  • Never pressure me
  • Never give me monday blues
  • Never demands
  • No deadlines
  • No OT demands
  • Hardly got rejected
  • Learning alot of stuff at a fast pace
  • No formal clothing needed

I don't know where God will put me next. I am just blessed with this job thus far. Its been half a month of work. It is either

1. I like what I am doing (designing, coding)
2. The nature of this company is this way,
3. God's blessing =)
4. All of the above....


Code Red "musical play" is coming back. Though it is sad to know that most of the cast are long gone (by that I mean they're depart in many different ways.. not as in death) and that most church members gone with them and in come the new ones... youth and adult alike.

So it is like a fresh kinda play, well except those remainder few who are still left here in this church of course.. it has been like 8 years? about that time... 8 whole years and I manage to find back my script and it is like all old. some of the things that I kept for ages. haha.


Kimberly said...

wah.. u keng oh.. still keeping the script..

8 yrs reminds me of how old i am in Christ..

too bad this Christmas i wont be in msia to celebrate with u guys..

n i remember code red is my 1st performance as a Christian.. it meant alot to me.. *sob sob*

miss u all alot..

angeliCassie said...

it's only october and you guys already planning....can't wait to see the play =)