Officialy OWNED

owned by work that is...

So what happends on first day? lalala quite easy going, not much people come talk to me, sit at the desk and see what's around you... WRONG!!!

Once I was shown to my desk, I had to browse the internet, Thank God they have Messenger Live... but anyway, the Boss asked me to surf around, and not even 10 minutes, he came by and brief me and showed me roughtly what he look for in ALTRUISM... (I still find the name funny). and then showed me all the folders until I almost fainted man... it is like 10'000 folders and links... ah.. and I have to learn them fast.

So what's next? he throws me a header and asked me to create something intresting to it, yea I did... took me the whole day to do it, and it is those simple flash, with nice layout already done. and I have animate it... he keep changing that's why... "t was like WOAH I did it so neatly?" at the end of the day...

before I left, he threw me 2 more projects to design the layout by noon tmr, this is going to kill me man.. hopefully I can do it nicely..uh..let's just find some pics now even man man man

alright bye

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Rachz said...

Welcome to WA's life!!!!!!