United Review

Good morning, this is one day after the concert that everyone is waiting for. I for one have been there not as anticipating, but excited to see them excited. I almost thought there is no way UNITED ever touch Malaysian soil. They did thanks to SIB proving me wrong.

I kinda doubted whether they'll just give us some kind of second team from united or something like that since we got it the last time when their Asian team came down. But I was again proven wrong when I stood beside a westerner in the Male toilet... then I look.. Joel Houston.. well I did not say anything. That was coz I was speechless when I saw his tattoo and they're just humans hahaha.

Ok so after all the mess and hustle and bustle before the concert, and few late comers and missing tickets later, My mood wasn't that good, but yea. they started with opening clip of and then the infamous.. INTERLUDE... went into THE TIME HAS COME... then Joel broke a string and then he has to get his guitar replace while they sang ONE WAY and off they went into WHAT THE WORLD WILL NEVER TAKE and finally slowed down on LOOK TO YOU... the keyboard then fade off slowly and the bass started coming in then Michelle Fragar started singing THE GREATEST LOVE.. and then they sang alot worship song I can't remember the sequence but they were very well merge.. over 5 albums. Insaneness

Then they paused after singing CAME TO MY RESCUE.. when Joel started preaching a little.. they were 'shocked' to see people are worshiping, which is one thing i don't like!! people seems to think that Malaysian is so outdated... but I guess that was changed last night at least in the eyes of United. And he encouraged us by saying that we are the ones who are going to change Asia... they went on singing a few more other songs and Pastor Chishann came up and just gave a very simple message about how Peter let down his net with the words of Jesus... and just a short one and they kept singing after that... just a short while later, He preached again... for a short time, and they change the song to FOREVER when Michelle started to sing again, it was a passing song, so that was so cool... then they sang HALLELUJAH then they ended with that slow song.

Well what do you know? more songs of course exploded into I forgot what song was that and off to TAKE IT ALL and the night 'came to an end' when they sang TELL THE WORLD. of course I am sure they rehearse a few more song so that they don't get caught when crowds go WE WANT MORE chant!!! and they came out and ALL DAY was heard from the bass... what a cool start! then they were out the lights were on and Joel goes.. they on the lights but we're not done yet...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo and off goes the crowd.. then they started play KING OF MAJESTY and then they came to solos.. and the bass was playing amazing grace haha effortless when he play the scales... well. they then move on to guitar and keyboard.. then joel is like... who wants to see JD do a solo.. JD was like.. what the... then of coz he did some crazy weird move dance hahaha so laughable... and a couple of dives and jumping later.. that's it.. the end. Joel ended with the prayer and everyone was blessed!!

Joel did say that they'll come back. though this is not the best concert I have seen, but it is a worshipful one with about 15 songs and more.. yes it is crazy about 2 and a half hours.. nonstop.


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