Face Lift

That's right John... In your face for saying.. I've never got into serious accident before. Well this ain't that serious either. I woke up this morning, lacking of sleep still but pretty early, and drove to work as usual, being rather impatient today.

I got to the U-turn, and I did the U-turn to USJ16 and then there was this kinda long jam, I did move my car I braked! but it was moving again and I went but I did not see it BANG! to the car in front of me. Thank God that his car was unharmed (thanks to the ingenious design of old proton bumper) and definitely as you can see my car was a goner. I did not feel a big impact as the bumper absorb all the force. Now I experience something new.

So I got out, the person I banged was an uncle, pretty nice guy, didn't scold or anything, offer to just go to mechanic and then call me up, I got down from the car, called my dad, and then things was settle, just ask him go to my family's mechanic. I drove my dad's car off, and that's it. thank God was a minor one.

I did not blame anyone, did not curse anyone, but rather I thank God that it is nothing more serious. Talk about being grateful in times of bad days. I did learn my lesson, although I didn't learn it that well because everything wasn't really damaged. Cost me RM 250.00 to fix it.

How badly damaged? the uncle's bumper's side came out a little, mine totally went in, eyes popped out the proton logo bit can throw away. Now changed to a ugly black colour one. How could they. so hideous.. not like I have money to spray it again anyway. The front bonnet nothing happen...


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joleen said...

GOOD attitude =)