Have U Got Enuf?

Have you got enuf(HUGE) oh yes I have had enuff definitely of everything! every aspect of it...

1st, the synopsis of the entire camp....

1) Campsite = So So la 3/5 rating
2) Master Bedroom with Hair dryer = Awesome
3) Sermons = speechless
4) Psallo Band = Too high... but still cool
5) Yam Band = so so la
6) John Dean = All Johns are cool
7) Tiredness = Absolutely

Ok.. I don't think you're interested in me blogging everything in this event that'll be too long and I am not that free. But I think I know who might blog the entire camp.. you can find it here (click here) Where to start? Well lets just say everything is awesome la.. But it is tiring for me. I have nowhere to run to... we have to do registration, ushering, security, BOH representitives.. drivers tour guide... and everything else..

I get to spend some time with people I don't usually spend time with because those that I spend with didn't want to stick around for long. Oh well. that's life right? hahaha well I was totally down because I did not have enough sleep thanks to (Mr. Badchelair 2006 video clip) which was showed once... and my own student commented.. "Yer Why so Funny One" in a weird tone.. (obviously no one knows I did that video clip till late nightssss). That's ok~~ and yes Chasing People back to room at like 1pm in the morning... and find some rooms with other sex people in there. nice...

I am like so down on Wednesday that I did not feel like eating anything no breakfast.. no lunch but of course Debbie and gang had to force me to eat my lunch -_- I skipped dinner... and till now I am still like tired.. My body is shutting down and some sad stuff that I learn in camp had been affecting my state of mind y oh y.. so emo... uh... and my apetite.. haha that's like crazy 2 hits = bad days... hahaha.. ok I know I am not suppose to dwell there.

OK so Psallo Band... I am absolutely stung by it.. they are like delirious in a way.. concert style.. except that the debate about whether girl or guy.. ah... and he sings too high.. awesome..

I did come with an attitude of a participant not a leader, not a committee I just want to be a regular participant.. I just felt like I had to. But still I am a leader no matter what. I just have to be busy as well. But the highlight for me were on Wednesday morning. Pastor Gideon was chairing and he told the story of camels and why are we here? are we in a zoo and so on.. I cried that session worshiping God. Psallo were playing Inside Out. I distant myself away from my youth. But that had set me abit of freedom to worship. I needed that. Ps Gideon was like the highlight for me.

At night, after things are pretty settle once I skipped dinner, because I had maggi goreng for tea, I don't feel like eating dinner, I skipped. I went in the hall, again distant myself from the group, but they found me and pull me back.. hmm I wanted to sit alone so that I can get away a little while and be alone for a little while. but they ask me go back. I did went back. but don't get the point of that. and again Psallo sang.. this time its ICSOYLF when tears again rolling down my face. That is because the words in the verse just spoke... the healer set me free... I needed a healing.. I just needed it.

This morning It was time for me to leave. so I left after breakfast. drove. went back office, slept in office. and worked till 6.30 there is alot to be done so I had to do it. alright now got to go sleep now. see you.


Anonymous said...

the clip u did?
i didnot know that...
btw, u cried? u were just next to me then rite..the night when u kept taking pictures of dunno who.


angeliCassie said...

hey hey hey....i didn't know you did that clip either...talk abt being humble and john's the man haha...woOps..sorry that i didn't know you wanted to be alone...=)

John said...

Yea the clip with that 70's retro feeling.. well I don't like it in the 1st place so I don't really want to say anything =)

I cried a lil while debb... and yes cassie haha I do like it alone sometimes... once a while you should do that.. but do it like once only... I wanted to be alone coz I needed to think