Vacation Bible School

Its about time that the kids to have their own mini-camp. I do like the idea, of it.. and the idea of their theme... Pirates of Borneo - In search for God's treasure. Although I don't agree with the usage of skeletons (like the one on my header) as their decoration, If we were to do that we're gonna get kicked out of church... haha but its the kids.. man.. I always fascinate pirates anyway.

I did went for their pajamas party, although I am not dress in pajamas. I never had PJs anyway. Right today they have party and they played bunch of stuff including pinata. And all we had for kids are snakes and ladders. So the teachers actually wants to do a prayer tunnel... so that's where I come in.. cool.. but the whole setting was a bit strange and weird. I think some kids were scared? they on the UV lights and everyone is like speaking in tongues and PS was playing as background music only that the radio's sound is not nice..

But after 60 kids I am like worn out.. but Debbie was cool.. she kept going.. after me of course. and after the party, I was ushering the kids back home.. and they are really cute.. obviously with alot non christian kids around, and even the christian kids are like having ??? all over their head.. and I heard them talked to their sister, and their parents and totally confuse them..

One of them is a non christian who talks to her sister (and I can see her sister dislike the idea of christianity) but the kid still keep on saying "whoa just now we went through the tunnel, and the teachers laying hands and the holy spirit came into us.. and..." I don't even know if she understands anything about it but she was bless! Another kid went like.. just now they make us go through the praying tunnel... and the dad was like ???? what are u saying??? and they keep trying to explain what happen, but a lot of them do not know what happen.. hahaha...

Anyways after that VBS we went to surprise Eastlyn... for her birthday! and she did got surprise!!! hahaha she was so embarrass. But it feels like Christmas when she starts giving out stuff. I was like erm I don't have cutting edge.. she was like YOU WANT IS IT??? have it.. well I have cutting edge 1,2,3,4 hahahaha I have so many D: cds now.. freak! thank you Eastlyn!.



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