Cash Flow

As if raising toll is not enough... I Have to pay extra 60¢ every time I pass a toll to work, that makes it extra RM 1.20 every single day. Not alot? Well think of it in a month I have to spend extra RM26.00 on toll.

Now MPSJ is coming into my office area, which is a free parking zone, and now they are charging, same price as subang la of course. RM4.00 per day. THIS IS SO NOT FUNNY. ARGH and what a way to start it off, they are rushing for it to operate... on the 22 of January, good thing there is a pay carpark in our area which can save me RM15 per month compare to parking in MPSJ area. No need guess la. it is RM 65 per month I have to pay haha

On the good side, I am really enjoying in office, with the new cubicle, I feel more comfortable and secure actually. rather than having it empty, now I have a spot and it is quite cosy, I can always almost feel like I can doze off. =)

My dart throwing is getting better now, I can aim better at the dartboard, and playing everyday sure does help. Infact, me and my colleague almost played accumulatively an hour a day haha. Yea sure, we played some runs of UNO as well, and I taught them UNO cut thingy, pretty fun. Meanwhile work has been alright, I have been working on the companies' engine design and of course we esp me got inspired by the iphone and we try to use their user interface haha...

Alright, back to sermon preperation. God Help Me


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Christine S. (+) said...

okay now i know why you say you're broke =P