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Come today, take a break and take a quick tour with me to my company. Thank God that I am a confirmed worker (minus the letter) and this is currently my 1st full time job in my lifetime and this is going to be my office for quite a while. Well I know most people would have problem with the word of my company, I have the same problem well. Its pronounce as Al.Tru.Eeeeeeeeeee. Sem. It means... wait a minute, why should I tell you what it means? go find out yourself in wikipedia or just google-altruism definition!!!

My company is quite fun, very casual, It is just like my moms office infact it is more casual here than there. One thing I like and always try to look for is a normal boring 9-5 job hours and the best thing is I don't work on saturdays (Thank God for that and now I have the liberty for Youth Ministry on saturdays which is working me off already). That's cause I really dislike Graphic Design when I am in college because of the work hours and I have heard how ppl overnight in the office. I thought.. hmm yea you can succeed and become famous, but what life do you have? That's right.. NONE.. Work in overnight.. Sleep Work..

The workload here is pretty much okay, not too much, but enough to keep me busy through the day and sometimes through the week. But occasionally there are mega big projects that I have to stay and work overtime to at least rush of the design and stuff like that. In a sense its scary to see big projects coming in because you know you'll have to work yourself off, full steam ahead.

My design is improving, just it is not fast enough, I have also get use to the idea of re-using the elements from what I did for other sites, that way it is also much faster. I have learned a lot especially alot about design things like web 2.0 and stuff like corporate layout type. I have been doing non corporate style all the while and focus on free, grunge, youth, crazy, what rules? type of design and moving from that to here it is hard and still hard.

Alright, enough of talking and chatting about work... let me show you around my office. Basically my Boss is a fan of casuality (no such word) but if you've seen google, yea, mine is a mini version of google then. Infact we played dart today after lunch. Oh yea I usually read comic in the comic house after lunch, that is when my lunch hour is still not up haha

Left - This is the entrance... duh
Right -
This is the inside... well very small if you notice there is a dartboard there.. that's new edition of the company and we're playing it =)

left - Basically the living room very cozy and goo to zzz...
Right - There is where I sit the 1st one

Left - My 'space' but havent finish decorating
Right - ah my table with the dustbin wearing christmas cap haha

Left - That's new.. something i stick on my computer quite cute...its from my hair gel it says 'Hard Wild Hair'
Right - Ah the back of the office.. I try to stare at greeneries often to keep my sanity

Alright!!!! That's it

That's all small tour, for a small office.........


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