I'm coming back to the H.O.W? Do we have the Heart of Worship at the 1st place? The church has grown from OK worship to NO worship as time goes on, that is sad. It is always a challenge to lead in adult church, esp Sunday morning, You'll always feel like you're in a circus performing some freak show (If you jump around).

When I sang H.O.W I just wonder... what is there to 'come back' to? most of the congregation members just stares with their eyes wide open, hands folded, and yawns at some time. If worshiping is so hard, why come church, it is like someone is forcing you to church. I hope the youth of this generation won't reach that stage when you grow up. It is just so much different from the scene in Australia, People look forward to worship, look forward for a brand new service.

Alright fine fine... if you don't want to worship can, can't you sing? ok so you have gold in your mouth, then can't you sit elsewhere except the front? and for the Pastors... turn around, stand behind, look at them Pastors... do something about it. I know you are enjoying presence of God in front, your members aren't! TEACH them... so tempted to scream, if you don't worship, fine, let's go to the next part of the service!

H.O.W is just some songs that need a change of lyrics like... "I want to have the Heart of Worship" or something like it


angeliCassie said...

hey!i was jumping too...you calling me some circus freak?! lol =p well...i thought it ended well wert in the end,when the music really fades off,and everyone still continued singing...should do that more often...love it!=) you did a great job...=)

John said...

Haha but you are not "performing" literally fades off haha that's an old song and alot of them not singing one... but yea thanks for the comments =)