Finally it is in my hands, after so long a wait finally I am able to get hold of a copy, imported from sparrow rather than fierce. Well I am a hardcore fan, I got it the 1st week it was released here.

Well yea, some says that Delirious acts are getting boring, and more church like of course compare to other bands? yea how did Delirious did delirious keep singing with passion for songs like ICSOYLF over 10 years? and people here are already complaining of singing ' Take It All' too much when we haven't even sang it for a year. How did d: did it then? You can't beat passion.

Alright back to the DVD, I have watch several d: concerts all over the globe, on my comp of course, and I would say they don't 'perform' that much during church services. They just lead like any other band with a little spice, no fancy dressing, no crazy jumping, just like any of us would do. but this dvd is suppose to catch the live essence of d: did they? Well much of the dvd does have the ' feel ' to it but nothing beats seeing them live of course. and the best I would say is when they're in Malaysia. I didn't put much expectancy to it, and it completely swipe me off my feet.. In Australia we see them again, but they didn't sing as much as Malaysia, but still some new spice and it is crazy as well.

The DVD is full of mistakes but yet they still release it. I haven't seen any band makes mistakes and release it, but that's what I like about d: they don't really crazy about perfection, but they are good! they just some boys who wants to have fun and do what they do best. I prefer listening to the CD though, watching the DVD can only be once / twice but if you keep watching it, you'll go koo-koo really dizzy.

It is sad that my favourite song is not in the CD... INVESTIGATE. I am going to rip the audio and put it to the CD then haha =)


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