Well a couple of weeks ago I preached about commitment.. things still haven't change. Today we had special healing meeting. The turn out was lesser than I thought, not so much of the church, but the youth. It is regular youth time, what could they be doing? I have no idea.

Those that came, are mainly those that are serving. I am more disappointed with the leaders actually, The message is good for both old and young, but the older ones seems to opt out from it. If we weren't the one suppose to lead in Worship, wonder what's the attendance? I wouldn't know

We did send out msg to the MAXIS leaders beginning asking them to encourage the members to come to the healing rally. I not going to judge them whether they encourage or not. But guess what? 4 out of 6 Leaders did not show up...surprise?? maybe they think they're the only one who skipped.

Think of your members. if you're not around, how would they want to be around? you've upgraded, your responsibilities doubled up. I am sorry to say please act like one. Their growth is in your hands. I know, I know, you do not need healing, but is it hard to even come and listen to the good message?

If I have to do everything myself I'm as good as dead... youth! serve God while you still have the energy. I started serving crazily when I was form4.. couldn't get enough of serving. Right up till now. This youth group needs people to keep on generating, one day I'll be gone, who'll take up the role? don't take us for granted. When you reach college, make sure you're serving as hard as we are. Can you do that? I hope you can.

You know sometimes I get so tired of being the only one volunteering, I am going to act for Young Adults as well now, when there's no keyboardist, I am also being picked to play the Eguitar, sometimes i volunteered. But when I want to say NO. I always think to myself, what if I push a little further? I always remind myself of Nigel (The E.Guitarist of HIllsong) Never in a service I have not seen him NOT on stage. Is that crazy? That's Passion? That's Commitment. He is my role model in commitment.

Sure, I could have gone on date today, enjoying a movie or 2 today, but My heart is always in church, that's my second home, that's where my heart is, Better is one day in the House of God than a thousand greek island beach.

Ah what the heck right? I am always traditional strict and boring..



angeliCassie said...

you're not traditionally strict on're just talking sense..and i can't help but agree with you,though i'm not in a place to say anything...but i just want you to know that i would have come whether i was serving or not =) chill out,bro john.

Anonymous said...

Cifu Yuehan---> You're the smiley and happy cifu i knew, so continue smiling and be of a good cheer k although things turned out this way. You still can lecture/scold/nag us, i'll listen.