Happy CNY

Well since I am going off to bali, might as well I wish you all a Happy New Year through my blog =) I wish I have more time to type this blog, unfortunately I do not have enought time urgh
Hope I come back in one piece =)
恭喜发财 新年快乐 年年有余 身体健康 万事如意 红包拿来 事事成功



Anonymous said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi and i'm awaiting for my shells dude. Remember me? :P

Kimberly said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

wah, in Bali now ah.. so nice.. with who? waiting for ur nice pics..

Sonicflood was in KL ah.. ahh.. i also wanna go.. i wasn't so keen on Rain though.. i don like Rain actually.. haha..n i think is a stupid way to spend so much money to go for his concert.. haha..

i love the way u express ur feeling towards the church.. i know is hard when u have more responsibility n expectation towards the younger ones.. but oh well.. what we can really do is to cont pray n juz look fwd for a better future.. God is incharge..

take care.. i miss u..