Series of Events

What a 4 tiring day it is, it has been back to back since Feb 01-04. Everyday is packed with events..

This not really an event, but it is a trip down to PD and Malacca for camp scouting. It is a public holiday so we all decided that it is a good day. Indeed it was, cloudy almost the whole day

Well basically we have all decided that we should all go to Malacca one, (more details later in the year) and it is cool. Well we had some share of fun playing Go-Kart at Eagle Ranch... those cars are considered as a BEAST comparing to those in Genting Theme Park. And yeap some photos

Mat Rempits!! (my head.. besarnya.. Aaron..)

Getting Ready to Rumble!

I actually overtook jenn and became 1st at the 3rd Lap I guess... but shortly after that I had an accident, banging to the tyres which acts as a wall, and well yea have to get out of the car and manually reverse it hahah... Aaron was probably one lap behind.

Feb 02-03
AYA FESTIVAL 07. I prefer last year because Delirious gave us a whole new meaning of Concert, This year it is so so. Sonicflood is alright only (more on that later) and I guess those blew me away was
1)Altered Frequency - They've improved a lot since I last saw them it is crazy
2)Mia Palencia - No Idea who is she but she is quite jazzyly good, I like jazz
3)Suki - From the local comp, 1 in a million, again no idea who is she but she has crazy voice, Malaysia boleh

Sonicflood, ah yes, Well, The 2nd night was probably more tight and spiritual, half way through the concert, he slowed down after H.O.W song, and gave his testimonies, probably around 5 min, told of how he was heal from a disease. I can't remember, and it was a really good testimony. And they are really rockers man.. the dancing song is crazy loud and crazy gila

I like the fact that their free worship is really chun... after his testimoy, he gave an 'altar call' he ask those who have problems in life one way or the other hold up their hand and he 'prayed' using free singing its nice. That's what I like in a band, you might not be good, but you present yourself with an ordinary heart, tell abit of story, how you came about, hahaha.

Its small but you can see him and the bassist raise their hands and prayed.

Feb 04

Somemore events? YES! this time, me and Joleen finally able to buy tickets for Gamarjobat. what's that? It is a shut up comedy by 2 Japs and it is really good, they can make you laugh and laugh, some corny yea but then it is very crazy! If you have the RInggit.. go watch it, although I doubt there is anymore tickets left hahaha

ok I talked too much.. I want to sleep soon.. really tired and monday blues tomorrow man..


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