Matchbox 20

I'm running out of reasons for caring about the other half
I think my half wants a little more pride
I'm running out of reasons for sharing sometimes I can't think of one
I'm running out of faces that I can call familiar
Hey man I'm running out of friends
That I can call at all

How long have I been sleeping, why on earth am I awake
It seems just to stand here is overkill
If I bend any farther, I swear that I'll break
And I think you should let me

Some people, some people get lonely
Some people they just grow older, and scared of a little pain
And we people, we cause a commotion
We didn't mean to be confused, we didn't mean to be alive
And we don't want to be standing here, standing here


Some words makes sense, others just gibberish.
Gommenasai to everyone that comes in contact with me and I have
wrong do you one way or the other...


workshop said...

are u ok

Rei said...

y suddenly talk in Jap -__-||