Stop Scoring

10...11...12...13...14...15...16! 16A1 ladies and gentleman... not 1 but few of them. Stop that!

There's nothing to be jealous about. Instead you got to stop all these I can get more As than you . What are you all trying to proof? smart? or just challenging the education? Well if that's the case, let me tell you Malaysian Education is really in deep trouble. I mean come on... Moral Values should be taught to be used from the heart. Instead, you get an 'X' if you got the "answer" wrong, There is no right answer. none.

While the world is advancing in internet, using various high tech programs teaching how to use computer, schools (if they're lucky to have computers) still stuck with... Microsoft WORD 101 come on. A 6 years old can do better. Plus when you want to teach these kids computer you better be good. Coz they don't 'World of Warcraft' daily for nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't anti people get A's and my congrats to my fellow friends who got As... and of coz the 'ruler boy' The thing is, don't chase after them your whole life. why? it'll make others look bad. compare a 16A to me... 3As yea sure. I am not that smart. WRONG. A's does not put you in a higher paying job when you work. A's don't ensure you do well in college. A's certainly can't buy you food (unless you get rewarded with money which they do...). It also put your younger siblings in unnecessary pressure. If you do well, you'll be always compared to. See you sister do so well.. why you do lousy? hah!

You can work for A definitely.. Nothing wrong with thriving with excellence in studies. Everyone wants to excel in studies... maybe not me haha. but if obsession and hunger for more As getting in the way, better recheck yourself. All those who got 16A's are just laying the plat form for next year students to get 17As and so on and so forth.

Know what you want to become... work towards it. Don't waste 'extra' time collecting A's when I say extra, I mean really extra... study too much...and then in the end, you'll still throw much away. Like me, even I am from the 2nd worst class in school, I don't study much, I study art. In college, what I've learn for those few years can seriously throw away. I haven't use Algebra in a long time. Ask the science students who studies accounts, studies art, study anything not related. I am sure they forgot what chemistry they learned in school.

So the next 20A1 from who?

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