Leading in the rain

One thing I really dislike about worship leading is when it rains on Sunday, any other day still ok. But not when people just woke up from sleep. You'll see more yawns in a day than an entire month of service (ok that's too exaggerating). But honestly people just don't wake up!

What's wrong? I don't really know. Maybe the blankets are too comfortable. Maybe there isn't enough time to brew our favourite coffee. Maybe its Qing Ming!

The really funny thing is, I don't remember any other worship leader have to put up with the rain! maybe I am not that attentive, but this is too much. 4 out of 10 Sundays I lead always rains. Maybe it is a challenge. hmmmmmm~

The church started with less than normal today too. Guess what? it is the rain and it is Qing Ming so probably they went and burn candles in the rain. There is a Chinese proverb that says that it always rains on Qing Ming.

Now I know people asked me why I did not sing The freedom we know. Well, based on my past experience, I got this feeling that song won't make people dance because it is raining. So I've decided to skip that song.

Today is also very different. The youths hardly sing too. Probably was the rain. I am not blaming the rain why would I? I love the rain, I work fast in the rain. But the whole world do have different opinion on that.

Now maybe if my name is rain that would be a different story altogether.


angeliCassie said...

try asking the drummer to hit the drums harder?some clash?and...haha prob cause i wasn't there?bro john...don't grumble man..i feel bad for not being able to attend worship that Sunday!=p

and trust me,you don't want to be rain.

cause i'm Cassie aka sunshine =p

Joleen said...

hehe, so ngam everytime raining?