Drowing in the seconds

Hello World,

I am drowning in time, everything moves too fast around me, maybe I am working too hard. I don't know, AWA (after work activities) just grew more and more, and responsibilities doesn't seems to be giving way.

9-6 spend working in front of my big chunky glaring monitor. I dislike CRT but oh well just got to live with it. After work just sees me either end up in church, or end up somewhere else. I am talking about 11PM reach home kind of go out. You got what I mean? I toke a break from designing to blog a while. Since I haven't been updating frequently.

The weather did not help me at all. With much work and little rest, it is crazy enough. Flu and Soar Throat came knocking on my door. I fight with all my might with H20, but just not as strong as having longer sleep. I am down with quite a few sickness, started some time back I don't even know? Got some kind of allergy (cause unknown). My skin itches different place at different time. I hope to find out what it ought to be. I hope it is not allergy to technology like
>> Debbie Bird

I think she really bad situation since she can't go near a telephone, can't go near a microwave. I pity her and especially her family. I hope I do not end up like that. That would mean bye bye to a lot of things.

Then I am down with some weird sickness today that I had diarrheas uh... gosh.. too heaty maybe? I knock my toes a few times already this week and bit my own ulser. Gosh! INS (I NEED SLEEP)

Easter is coming, and the play went alright-ly well, although I don't know much about that. To me, I am not that all satisfied. But oh well, not my play someone elses. I haven't finish code red I am sorry to delay it another week as I am preparing my sermon this week. I don't want to drag any longer, but I am sorry.

Alright, the next post will be more interesting I hope *fingers crossed!


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joleen said...

after easter, take a good rest :)