TUNE IN retreat...

What a fine day, and a fine weather... After youth service I drive us down to Malacca (A state that I am too well familiar and bored of going; Jenn says I might as well just make that my 2nd home) The drive wasn't that bad, but we had to stop for dinner.

KFC express is what we had, more like ala carte (pronounce alah~~!! ka-teh) And spend our dinner there. In the end we were called before reaching air keroh, they called and ask if we arrive coz they are about to start the meeting... so sweet of them. However we had to go to Aaron's house 1st because it is courtesy to do that. And yea me and Jenn stayed at Aaron's house instead of the retreat place (Watercity)

Guess what? We totally miss the entire service when we arrived they just finish saying AMEN and I had to close the service in prayer 0_O? and then supper at the hall twisties, cheezels whatever else.

Hung out a bit at the place and went back pretty late I would say. And slept with Aaron on the king size bed. However, King size is not enough for him.. ARGH~

Camp Overalls
Its cool, had lots of fun although tiredly fun... Get to fellowship a little here and there. What I am surprise was that everyone played the sort of lame telematch at 3pm under the hot sun without complaining. Just imagining what it would be for the youths... The guys will probably say iya play cards better la what telematch so lame! The girls would probably not be playing because they hardly move at all and probably sleep or just walk the park better.

Learn abit from some of them, they are really courteous, even we're not really part of them, they still take us in and stuff like that and offer us lots of food and also ask us eat at the hotel haha.

We had quite some nice food since we don't stay inside. we ate Dim Sum, Wantan Mee when they suffer from eggless Nasi Lemak kekeke we did join them for dinner the last service but erm I can't finish the food everything is spicy GRRRRR....

So the thing that drew me there was probably Pastor Bill Eng, And I really feel that the messages he spoke was more for youth, He touched on BGR extremely long BGR and I learnt something new from that session. It is incredible that BGR still has a lot of area to be covered. Do not be unequally yoked. Sigh make me think of so many people sigh. And 'love' is always beats leadership out. sigh

At the 2nd night I don't know whether to stay or not because I am really tired since I haven't slept much and been in the hot sun running and then went to the pool, and then crapped out. So but I decided to stay anyway make my trip worth while. And I was bless. The topic was like Inner Healing and Rejection. Wah deep right? well he spoke more like a youth point of way, and I take it as leadership class. Learning why people behave negatively, all starts at home and how the roles of parents comes into play. Its good for me as well for preparation in becoming a parent? The rest I guess they felt the same way? but its a leadership class nonetheless.

Coming back was alright, had to fetch Sandra back home 1st, I was wide awake the entire Journey, something that was not suppose to happen, I was suppose to be dead tired and everytime struggling to stay awake, But nope was really awake till I reached home I just fell asleep straight, odd.. but Thank God.

Next Malacca Trip - AUGUST!!!

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