Labour Holiday

That was my 1st official full time labour day. Although I benefited from it last year, but this year was really something else? nah it still feels the same. And I don't like when non labours celebrate it and have holiday like students kekeke.

So What I did was party till mad and sleep at 3 the night before and fell ill the next day. FUN! Went to BCM for open day, somehow I don't want to go there because you'll always meet PKs well not all bad but then some bad. Speaking of which Lemuel's hair was like david crowder wanna be bu 20% ;) I saw Lionel (some PK school mate), and it freaks me because a while ago at my dad's graduation, I saw him and he was changing job in some advertising company and few months later (yesterday) he told me he is going full time already starting next year

my only reaction was WHAT?! O_0

Okay man... this is really freaky coz this is like don't know how many PK entering BCM... not to mention that includes VINSIE man.

ok so was really sick by the time we went to AnW and watch Spidey 2 for the hundred time.

Thankfully the next day was another holiday replacement or something. I manage to buy tickets for SPIDEY3 through credit card (which the guys were pretty mad) sorry dudes ;) I will try consider SPIDEY4 with you people.

YE BE WARN (spoilers)

Spiderman was always my favourite movie, not the cartoon or comic, but the movie. The movie does give a different feel to the super hero. But I am not sure whether I am a bigger fan of Spiderman or Peter Parker, I think its Peter Parker. A sore loser in real life trying hard to change situation and making the best of everything. In Spiderman 3 as well.

I always end up being encourage with a small still hope at the end of each time I watch it. Spiderman 3 saw him being a city favourite, And he got carried away. Isn't it like that sometimes when we got carried away and people love us we forgot who we were. In a sense I don't like the setting of the movie because of this. He became arrogant.

Of course he ended up being brought down to earth. By a lot of things he had done bad which you will end up hating spiderman for a while in the middle. and not sure if you will love him after the movie. It is really something different. I always liked him trying to be humble but this movie is really something else.

Despite the fact, I love Aunt May all the time for 3 series now because she speaks with wisdom and makes you think. This time she said A husband got to put his wife before himself, can you do it. Hmm it got me thinking. And how she said hope you'll fix the problem... in time. Wow. Such lines always encourages me a lot actually.

All in all I don't really know why I feel bad after the movie. Probably it is how it ended and the movie is really too short because of villans and the scale of the story itself. It is larger than what it ought to be and scenes changes too fast like how sandman became sandman, how suddenly Eddie brock got fired how he immediately went to pray, how harry suddenly unconcious and wakes up in a few seconds... Its quick

Anyway I'll catch the show again to see beyond the sadness. It is cool I hope the 4th will come out with the same cast, I think they did a great job. Without them it will never be the same actually so that's how it is.



FeLiCia said...

well john if we students dun get holiday, den hw de r de teachers get to enjoy labour day??? haha....sch will b upside down nex day...

~Kimmy 사랑~ said...

oh.. Lionel also wanna join the Full Time gang?

when's your turn? haha..