white new toy

Erm..Apple contains vitaminC.
Apple is nice to look at.
Apple is my favourite fruit juice

Alright Alright! I know. I know. I just helped Steve Jobs/Apple made another iPod dollars. And now I am one of million iPod users in the world. How 'radical'.

But you can't deny that it is nice to look at, nice to play with the wheel, and show off? I know I have broken my anti Apple/Mac principal in my life. Well they are doing really successfully anyway. If My voice is against a Million (in this) why try?

Do you really need that?
Well, I asked myself that question many times. It is not cheap afterall. After a long thought, and giving in to peer pressure, a little bit of fashion icon... and yeap I bought it...

Why not MP3 phone (e.g. Sony Ericsson)
I have tried MP3 flash drives (cost me 300 for 128 MB then) and I used to own Nokia 3300 (little brother of N-gage) And I didn't even load much song. I have to keep transferring up and down. and My USB port aren't exactly easy to reach to.

And handphone world moves too fast. take for instance, the 1st SE w800 walkman phone. It's cheap now yes but you won't want to carry that out on the street and show off. It's outdated. You would want w850i and any other phones now.

iPod is always a fashion icon thanks to its all year all round white surface and metal back. Yea of course there are generation of iPods around but when you're using one. you look cool!

How you find that player?
Buy it only if you're really a music freak!! As for the whole video part, I think that's kinda hard because you need to convert and all to be able to play in iPod. And unless you have 80GB of space to waste, movie is something you would HAVE to load and unload which might give you a bit of difficulty if you're really not a computer wizard, it's space wasting.

Same goes to photos you would want to resize the photo before uploading to your pod because it takes up huge amount of space. which is totally overated. And it is odd for me I find it to carry photos around. Unless maybe I want to show people the photos I have taken. I wouldn't want to amire my own photo in my pod.

Any problems
1) don't expect this machine to be your PDA. IT IS NOT. its just basic stuff, unless of course you try to hack it and use some additional features. It takes lots of work. I don't have time for that

2) The device is really slippery. I so scared it would fall off my hand. I can get a case for it of course but not at this moment. outta budget. Just handle with care its enough

3) I don't have comment on the earphone. Very comfortable to wear but the sound... I need more phones to test that out though.

At the moment, I have 400++ songs in my pod but i think that's just half of the collection I have... haha

alright ADIOS


Rei said...
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Rei said...

Nano kah? I dun own 1, but he does. He either plug it in the car or use it with this 'speaker thingy' where u can plug the ipod in so it's like i'm used to using it oso. wohoho the wheel very nice eh

angeliCassie said...

congratulations...and celebrations...can't wait to see it for myself =p

joleen said...

jus borrow me yea LOL