The Good Friday

Funny how it was named good Friday when there is so much mourning when it happened. When Jesus died on the cross. But on the other side of the coin, Jesus died for you and me. Isn't that a good news?

I thought it would never rain today. It always rains on Good Friday. Raining is a sign of period of sadness and mourning. I was surprised when I walked out of church today after service and find the ground was wet. For a moment, I am glad it did rain. YES! Its always a sign for me that God is also celebrating Good Friday. And it rained in Aus too!

Funny thing is more bad things happened to me today than the entire week collectively. Everyone is having a bad day and they let it all out on me TODAY... and when I am having a bad day That's the end of the World. But thank God I still kept my cool. A lot of disappointments, a lot of hurts a lot of pain all caused by... gosh its me.

I skipped supper today because I still haven't fully convinced about my sermon. This is taking too long. In hope to find a good one so I have more time. I hope so. Alright I got to go do some Preperation. Oh tomorrow is the day of Preparation. The day the Israelites were freed from Egypt.

GTG see ya

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joleen said...

I am glad to hear your church has so many converts :) hard work paid off !!

Hope you will have rest for this week, thats gonna be busy week for me :)