Just got shot out from bed. This is very early assuming that I slept at 1.30 and I got a real long day ahead of me. This is gonna be fun. Ironically, I read an article during lunch yesterday saying That this person gain extra 10days a year doing his own thing by waking up at 4 every morning regardless what time he sleeps. He says rather than tossing around if you're awake, get something done. I mean that's cool and all and He eats sandwich and sleep about 20 minutes after lunch.

I can't remember what time I was awake. It much have been 5? But I don't know why I can't sleep back. Must have been the hot warm air in the room. It is pretty hot here. Why didn't I on the air-cond? I don't know I don't like the air-cond knowing the chances of getting a flu the following day is high.

But I know one thing's for sure. I haven't stop thinking since I woke up from the bed. What am I thinking? Well I never thought that I would say this so fast but I miss Joleen :_( It is also a good reason that I could not sleep at least.

Sometimes we take people for granted, those that are around us 24 hours though not physically but with technology, the presence of the being is with us all the time. This tends to happen to me that I take for granted the easy access just 10 numbers to reach the other person, Sms chatting but not important topics and you get used to it. At least I get used to it.

It is good to do this once a while, We never will know the value of certain individual to us. If we do not stop all means of communication. Yea yea I can still sms and all but her phone is with me now. I can reply myself though. ;)

Now that I know how important actually she is to me, I am glad. Not that I doubt anything about our relationship, but sometimes, hmm I just lost my thoughts on this. Maybe it is better to put it this way - I am glad that she still means a lot to me though it has been 4.5 year official + unofficial. It's complicated but yea the moment she left I haven't stop thinking about her. And its like 29 more days

Anyway, just to clear up some info, I do miss her more than my iPod.

Ah it's 6 now kekeke. I am so tired, and can't sleep dang!


angeliCassie said...

aha at least you're clear on that bro john.

Felicia said...

de part on u missin Joleen is sooooo sweet....:P

Anonymous said...

yeah two babies missing for you cifu :P

Joleen said...


i am here XD