It happened again

After a long filled Saturday, Cycling, Youth, Going to GT parent-youth day and rushing back to Subang for Pirates of the Carribean, I had a hard time waking up today. It was crazy tiring but I woken up pretty early. (No, not 5 AM)

I got some stuff out for membership application but didn't submit it haha. I went to church at 9.45 and guess what? I had this imagination that my car will run out of petrol since yesterday, and it did ran out. 2nd time in my life. I was already late but I really thank God coz my car stop directly opposite Shell station. I got out from the car, Locked it and ran across the road went there and they were busy... I but rushed them and finally got the petrol, Then I remembered. oh no, no corong turas. What to do rushing tried to pour as much in as possible.

Turns out I still can't start. I have to slowly try a few times and it started... oh Thank God. I drove all the way around to the station, park at the pump. Inject somemore petrol into it and return the guy the empty bottle.

Tragic right? I reached church at 10 on the dot, didn't really prepare well played not that great today. But still thank God for it. AMEN

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