Now I know why

Now I know why I liked Spiderman's movie that much. That's because my whole life have been like Spiderman. I am not saying I can swing around, crawl walls, shoot webs Its more like Peter Parker's life.

Being self scarifies and save the whole, yet hiding the identity from the girl he loves, from his family. During the 1st one the most prominent line was : "with great power comes great responsibility" that's how it is with me huh?

The 2nd film didn't improver Peter's life, he is a sore loser in life because he was distracted by the things he can't have in life. Me? I have things in life. The most prominent scene when he became Spiderman he will have to scarifies himself saving the lives of people and even to the extend of missing Mary Jane's Broadway performance. I felt like that sometimes, not able to give to someone I love all my time when situation calls, or whatever.

Next it was the scene where he explained to MJ about why he can't love her. He said, Spidermand will always be Spiderman. Then this is the most annoying scene when she ditch John's wedding and went to Peter Parker in the end, a crime just happened. She said : "go get em tiger" and off he went saving lives and the camera zooms in to MJ and you could see the smile fading off and somehow it showed her that she don't know what the future will be and how sometime she would feel lonely and unimportant.

The 3rd flim was really depressing, that's why I didn't like it. It is like what I am truly get caught up with saving the world and not able to spend time with MJ yet hoping that everything will fall into place with marriage plans and things like that planned out, yet ignored her feelings totally. That's why It is really depressing.

Enough said. I like Spiderman. It inspires me sometimes, but it reminds myself more of myself. The choice he made is not easy and not popular either. But he chose to save the world. He also chose to love the girl he loves. But it is not easy being Spiderman. It's not easy to being me.

Adios... Got to work


angeliCassie said...

good foor for thought?hehe...first u say u spiderman..u watch too much heroes?

it's a privilege to be a hero once in awhile.=)

and oooo u dun have something that spidey has haha =p

debbie said...