Code me Red`

Gosh. After long hours of battling it I am at the last stage of making it happen. YES I did made a few copies out already but those who know I had a minor problem with my 250GB worth of hard drive. It crashed on me. How can that happen. Right when I wanted to start my improvements

Well tough luck. I had to start from scratch from all over and after a long hard few hours of rendering editing and scratching head I think it takes more than 4 whole days continuously to build that project..

Just spending 9 hours rendering the main movie and other sub movies renders at faster speed but still it is like crazy. I have to leave the computer on. Toke up 16 GB worth of space and not counting the raw version which cost 54GB worth of space. The subtitles were a little easier though it still takes me 4 full hours put it nicely. I even slept at 4 today.

Its all over hahah unless want to crash again. BO BIAN LIAO LA.... I can memorise the entire thing. I even know which line is missing from the subtitle and all. TEST ME! All in all I would say its a great night, the night I spend in the ..... room (EDITING CRASHING RENDERING)

By the way, A should of birthday to Christine ;) heard u had tons of fun. Life is not boring... and I told u plenty people will entertain you..

I got to go burn some dvds man dvds


angeliCassie said...

good job bro john...though i have not seen it you,i'm sure it'll be good stuff...thanks for all the hard work!

Anonymous said...

eh dude, you did a great job la, i watched it with my mom, cause she havnt watched it, and she say you really did great.jow