Toll Skipping (Money Saving?)

I finally know a way to skip the 1 and only toll to and from office thanks to Andrew. But the question remains since I started finding shortcuts to avoid the road. Is it worth it?

A look at this calculation below will tell you how much it worth.

Toll Cost - RM 1.60 one way
Petrol Cost RM 0.16 per KM
Total Journey from beginning of skip toll point to toll - 500m
Total Journey of skipped toll - 5 KM
Petrol Cost if I don't skip toll - Rm 0.08
Petrol Cost if I skip toll - RM0.80

--- 80 cents spent instead of RM 1.60 that's half of it

That means, 80 Cents x 22 days = RM 17.60 (per way)
If 2 ways I would have save Rm 35.40

That's not a lot, but if you calculate in like 3 months RM 100+ A Year RM 400+ Now is it worth it?

Well just around 15 minutes extra per way. Time = Money so how?

I am kinda money minded now a days, with not much to spend yet lived like a king, I survive from paycheque to paycheque every month with little savings. All because of Macdonald's and Burger King just kidding... haha how can you dislike them :)

But yes I am not that rich. Trying hard to save money, go buy iPod hahah no no no Save money kids, It is beneficial for you when you reach my age. Seriously.

I just watched American Idol's Give Back. A charity drive done by AI and it is really inspiring, I want to donate, but then it is only available to the state. Many times I felt like crying but of course I did not, Seeing the poor children in a horrible state is horrible. I am glad they are doing this and raised a really awesome amount of money.

The most inspiring clip is when Different celebrities begin saying how many funeral they been to, they're like I been to 4, 2, 5, the highest number being 7 and that went on about 10-15 celebs when all of a sudden they showed one guy in Africa he just said 280. My jaw went like how can you compare to that? But the caused is MALARIA in Africa. Just USD 2 bucks can save 4 kids I am glad they're all out in doing this.

But US as Christian... What are we doing about it? Rushing it during prayer time in cell? Talked about it during sermon? Tell our kids you know the people in Africa no food to eat and allow them to throw their food into the dustbin... Fighting over who's right and whose position is it in church? by-laws generate moral lawlessness, Children fighting over broken toy.

Grow up, reach the world. We don't have to go to Africa to do so, Show our love to your next door neighbour, give them cakes, pot of flower. Give some food to the rubbish collectors. Buy food for the people sitting on pedestrian bridge. Help the blind cross the road. Preach love...


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preach it la bro

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