Why do I normally stay out... (BAD MONDAY)

So why? because people in my house keep me out... 1st MY ROOM is always occupied with a useless kid who refuse to get a job and always crash my PC, then the hall is always packed with a newspaper dad, a working mom and a TV that shows chinese channels all the time. What so bad about having a good 'warming' family?

I don't get my space man.. there's no breathing space no space I call it my own. When my girlfriend comes over, we can't have our own time, and that being said, I ended up like the biggest jerk around for not doing anything. Turns out the TV comedy is not laughable as usual.

When she went back I came up, just ask my brother get off the PC, he reluctantly does so and I being a really working guy, off MY iTUNES, and heck he yells at me saying WHAT THE HECK U OFF IT FOR? just when I want to start blogging, my momm came up and say can you do the bank transfer for me? I get off the chair and let my brother do it (cause he usually do) and he was yelling again... screaming CAN YOU DO IT FOR ONCE? I say I did it before, He SCREAMS YEA 1st YOU WANT TO SHOO ME OFF THEN YOU WANT ME TO DO IT? I say that's my room btw, HE SCREAMS THEN YOU DO IT! I bang on the door and my mom says FORGET IT ASK TO DO LIKE SO HARD.

What a crapped day man crapped day. Sign

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joleen said...

doesn mean to pull u down .. sorry