Very Weird Indeed

I had the weirdest week so far for this year. Why did I ever mention that it was weird? I don't know. I am always weird anyways.

1) I jogged
(1st time this year) 3 rounds around the park. I guess was 15 minutes. Of course I jacked up my iPod and pump some techno songs. Rob D's song is the best (the matrix soundtrack). I guess It got me running ;) sandstorm was out. Almost make my heart run faster... I did put in some hillsong london remix but erm I didn't reach to those songs then I stopped. oh come on.. I can't be listening to worship songs and jog... I'll probably fall to my knees and erm you know...

2) Clean my room.
It was really messy so I just got up and cleaned it. Without anyone telling me to do it. odd. I just can't stand messiness hahahahaha

3) Has barbeque at the balcony of office.
Hmm. Although this wasn't my funky weird idea but hey it is really like crazy dude. We talked about GRYP camp and what we do during lunch time and the next thing I knew it, they suggested to have BBQ the very night. I know the balcony is huge and it is really nice to bbq but there is no door to it, so climbing in and out the window is the only way. Great have fun though posing.

Here some pics...

full on 20s
Today also my 1st time ever strike all 20s with one getting a tripple.

Alt (back longkang)
Trust me, it is very scary

Light in darkness
Wowweee... it's really hot and no win and I need a camera

Fellowship of burnt chickens
Fellowship of the burnt chickens? I don't know I am stuffed

4) I finished "Around The World in 80 days in a week."
I never could have done it without my iPod... I know it is odd but I wouldn't read a book because I don't really want to carry it around and reading it would be such a troublesome process. you got to put a bookmark and to hold the book and not open it too wide so it don't tear etc. at least I can read while I eat my kuey teow soup! Speaking of that. sigh I cracked my earphones and quite cracked. still usable but ugly. and I just saw that I have a slight dent behind my ipod since it is metal it is quite noticeable =( but I still treasure it.

5) Went cycling in bukit cahaya company trip.
short one. But I did like 15 km... erm I guess overall more than that. It was crazy when we went to this jungle trail but it lead to a dead end. We stopped by a few places as well. The four season is really a eye opener. Not because it is less than 100 m and you pay 3 bucks which I count expansive, but they still maintain the looks of it for 17 years dude you'r suppose to be run down like any other Malaysian govt park.

The hills are crazy to cycle. Had to push bike for a lot of road. Had a major butt problem after the rides and not to mention, colleague car's battery died so had to jump start his car and had to rush home and rush to youth meeting and had a long youth camp meeting and things like that. fuuuu! fuuuu!

It was really funny how my colleague was motivating us to move forward. Creating scenarios from chinese drama that we obviously watch a lot. Its like "faster.. they are getting near... we got to get moving... Bejing is beyond this mountain" hahaha. and when we see a dog... we're like "dude... you saw that tiger?" Let's go hunt for meat... hahaha

ok here come the pictures

Hensem ni siape?

That's my bike
My bycicle. Cool eh? it cost Rm5 though

Bike Heaven....
Bike Heaven.. a lot of old bikes. Thank God we arrived early

Its the end of the road
Its actually the end of our adventurous trail haha

Fuyoh looks pro
FUYOH! bergaya betul!

3km Baby
You see the taman kaktus, and buah buahan... I thought that was it go there and come back. but we cycled beyond that. and went almost the whole bukit.

6) I cooked dinner today!
odd? VERY I just had this though that I wanted to cook spagetti carbonara before the end of this month and guess what? I did. Though I played cheat and use the sauce. Oh well. my mom don't really like it cause she don't like western food and of course fattening. Joleen was here eating too. But I did not do well... I cheated I used prepacked sauce and it seems like a lil tasteless...
I don't know But I added my own recipe... check the pictures...

Cook of the sauce...

Yey food's here

Smell really good man

This is my own additional topping. Chacos.. fooooooo taste superb boy

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