In which it concern John's fianance

Alas John is no more such a 'mr.worry' bit for money, where it came from, where is it going? Will he have enough? Although John is still looking at the possibility of getting married at 25 years old, They look as if vain, look so small a flame, merely a spark if you could say that. "When will I know enough is enough?" said he.

Money is never enough, the root of all evil? Not necessary, but money is never enough, why worry? worry brings sickness eventually death.

In which it concern John's time management

Upon finishing CodeRed DVD in which much praise were receive, He had more time in his hands that he cleaned his room out of the ordinary. It wasn't complete more like 80% done and he fear that he'll mess up his room again. Such believes.

But he got another project, a design of friend's website, hope things work out well for the benefit of all. Things have gotten complicated as the project evolves.

In which it concern John's iPod

It has said to have drop about 2 times, both non solid impact, but the iPod still intact. Have he fully use his iPod yet? Not to the max he would reply. But it is pretty much used almost everyday since purchase date. but he have much regret for having to not properly handle his earphone in result damage the earphone's rubber. "sigh" is all he can say that's probably the best earphone that he had or ever had, not for the sound but for the comfort of it. hopes it doesn't go worst.

*If you're wondering why is he witting in a third person and uses odd language, that's because he passed the mid way point of reading "around the world in 80 days" ebook completely from his iPod. (He find it better reading from the iPod because of the font compare to a classic story book. and it saves him RM8.50 ;)

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