you're just crazy...

That's probably right, I am just crazy. I had a song list that was probably the oddest of all. Too many times I have always limit myself to sing some sane songs, easy to play, people likes them. And this time round I am just going all out for it. Many of them ask me why do I choose such songs? Well it was like that long long time ago... My song list was like that. Probably harder.

But I guess the youths have been fed with UNITED and becoming like adult church. Hard to accept a rap rock song huh. But John is crazy remember? haha I love to do things out of ordinary all the time. So odd. but it got to start somewhere. Probably inspired by Blake Lewis from American Idol after the Bon Jovi week

The crowd were like stoned but that's usual. NEVER expect much esp with radical songs. haha. But then when it was sung in HUGE, large concert. Whoa things are definitely different. CRAZY people started screaming and shouting. odd? not at all. Here's why

Jesus was not welcomed in the town that he grew up in. They chased and acted nasty on him when he arrived. In the interview with Delirious, commentator said that Delirious sometimes feels more Delirious outside of England than in England. back home there is not much thing about Delirious that would wow people. The bottom line is. Outside stuff is always better. Is that true? that's fro you to answer.

for those of you who wants to comment, just do it I tested and there is no pop up problem hmm maybe you can specify which of it is bothering you =)

Good night


angeliCassie said...

haha...shake the pl-pla-pla-pla planet!

like that only chun ma...hehe

~Kimmy 사랑~ said...

quite true.. hehe..

debbie said...

dude, u r not crazy to d such songs..mayb u are personally..
so whatever the songs mayb, it helps us move 1 step further.. harder the songs..the more enthusiast in practise! so hey guess what in the end i did learned more than i usually do.. so who cares what type of song.. unless the songs u take from some other planet aha..thats crazy!