Elluminate 2.0

So it is finally up after such a long time of wanting to upgrade it. Initially was thinking of getting a own domain and hosting like www.johntanyuehan.com but then to think twice since Blogger can do it for me for the price of 0 (except when it comes to time then different story).

Sure it is still very rigid and not much freedom in design. I spent like few days meddling here and there just few minutes actually hours and bam here's what I want. Although much more stuff should be in there like RSS feed and Del.icio.us bookmarks, but who the hack knows how to use it (yet).

How you like the new look? give some comments... =) and do I really need a chat box hur it'll make it look uncool, so just show some LOVE to me alright? click on the love-o-meter down there =) and sorry about my top picture, will change it once I shoot better ones ;) or donate some nice interesting pictures if you have. Just Kidding. Need to get back to my good old flim print!

Right, I got to go catch some sleep hopefully and get done with CHINHOE's website asap! mm maybe after adding flickr to my site

updates: sorry internet explorer fans, bare with me, seems like they don't very much like CSS very much, they sucked.


angeliCassie said...

who you calling internet explorer fan?!

but not bad wert the pics..*cough cough*

Felicia said...

haha....nice update!! do 4 me aso can arr??

Christineee said...

YES i would like a chat box please! :P easier for me to comment.