How not to?

Of course the 1st thing is Piracy is wrong regardless of reason excuses. But that being said, everyone is pirates (why not? it is free afterall) so what is right and wrong? I not saying that I do not consider myself as a pirate. I do download torrents here and there.

I guess the easiest way to deal with this is always, A) Is it available in this country? If it is, go grab it. B) Can you afford that? If you can, go get it. I feel very uncomfortable when people rip pirate especially Christian music, it is "brothers and sisters in Christ" stuff you're stealing, we are call to support each another not stealing.

That being said, What I am talking in this context is Music, A lot of times, I see people rip here and there and some rip my CD without asking (YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE). That's too much, it makes me furious, but people still rip rip rip. If you llike it grab it, if you can't alright maybe you can rip 1 or 2 cd but not like EVERY SINGLE ALBUM. It's not like you have to beg on the streets kinda 'can't afford' ok if you're that state, rip all you want, I will bless you some albums as well.

The point is, this will never get across and into people's mindset, I will still stand? or give up asking since it is pointless? NO! It may be as well true that I am tired of arguing about this matter, I wasn't that strong anymore, my principle still stand. I am sick of people ripping cds infront of me, asking me to transfer to them the entire music in my iPod / Computer. The answer is NO. I will not do it.

I have well over 40 over cds plus countless numbers of tapes, all which I saved for it, if you like music that much, you should do the same thing. Not pirate. I am offering some people good deals yet they still choose to say: "you burn for me je la"

Piracy is like Smoking, no amount of ads or gruesome pictures able to make smokers quit unless it is by their own strong will.

And the thing about piracy is: once you get hooked on it, you will find it hard to unhook because hey, its free why waste my 30 bucks? I can buy another reload card, that has more value.

I ended my day today very sadly seen 1 ripped CD, 1 Unsuccessful transfer, 1 persisting demand of me burning an album and 1 question ask if I have 2 CD so the person can rip. 4 in a day.

the question remains...

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angeliCassie said...

speaking of cds...where's my gryp CD?i want one more remember?haha but if you're busy...take your time yea bro john...and i wonder who made you mad today haha not me certainly!=p