Multi Skills John

Today, A mail came in from WMT director. As usual, there are recruitments, breaks, taking off, Leaving for studies etc.

As I continue to read on, our beloved drummer Chin Hoe is taking a break and "multi skills John" to stand in for him. I find it funny actually. I don't really promote multi skills because it is not advisable.

For the next 2 months, I am moving back to my 1st instrument, The drums. I am not as good as Chin Hoe of Toefl by this kind of stage. But I sure able to stand in as a novice player. Well it is good at least I get to polish up my skills and learn back some stuff I guess. HAHA

They absolutely hate my drumming, and will hate it more from now onwards. HAHA

Peace out

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Nirhal said...

funny isn't it? you are coming almost full circle to where you first started - yet now you return different, better. there IS an unseen Conductor who is still leader of the Band...