exhaustion leads to fever

I had barely enough of sleep the entire week, despite I go to work an hour later than usual, and these few days we're clearing off back logs while much of the work still continues to pour in. The office computer goes slower, but I did not notice that at all. But it is still slow after the fix. hmm

The entire weekend, well actually I woke up on Saturday with a bad throat. And led to a heavy fever later that afternoon. I dragged myself throughout the entire service. Later that evening I found out Bryan's grandma which he had told me a few days ago had passed away. So we make a trip to his house and later just dropped by Edmund's house for a short visit.

I touched home and crashed immediately without warning, Only to realize my door wasn't closed and my lights weren't off when I woke up in the morning. When my lights are not off I will often have a restless sleep. I don't know about last night but I was pretty tired.

I woke up feeling a bit better but still dizzy. My body ache all over I guess the flu and mucus have practically gone to every possible part of my bloodstream. I got ready in a rush and after a few Jars of Clay song I went to church with my mom. OK so I played badly did almost 10 mistakes the most noticeable are all my stick missing the hihat and they sound bad. UH. ok so I am not there YET. a few more weeks perhaps?

I also did the most silliest thing. I bought a rm43 dollar drumstick that's the last of my this month allowance, despite from my RM10 in my wallet. A few more days to live on RM10 which I pray they won't delay pay.

They ate KFC today. I didn't want to eat that. I am sick. but then again, I don't want because of that they'll be craving for their coleslaw and chicken chop or whatever. I really felt high and dizzy already plus the heat is not helping. I didn't have a car if not I would have come home. But nope. I stayed till Edmund fetched me home. The CC sounds tempting, then again, I am never good with those games = I will never win = why waste money and time? So back I came home

I have been sitting here watching a Taiwan drama... odd isn't it? But I watched like from disc 10 - disc 16 that's 7 disc and that's 7 hours. HAHA But they show is really funny, though all love movies are about the same, I love you, 3rd party comes into scene and things like that. I really like the 2 character BIG S and XIAO CHU hahaha they both always argue but like each other kind of drama. But I guess overall I like it because of the guy's character, reminds me of me, which part? I am not going to tell you hahaha

You can watch the drama if you want its call corner with love.

Alright sick boy logging off. but before that just want to let you know, my puffer fish died. awww


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angeliCassie said...

ewww...this means that bro john didn't brush his teeth and wash his face before he sleeps...yer chou chou