What's your passion like?

Hmm, like Delirious, I have also 'grown' with Hillsong UNITED. And I have been their fan for 8 years now. That would mean since I was form 3. Wow.. How would I know it is already 8 years? well all of the above is their 8th album that's why I know!

ALL OF THE ABOVE is both good and bad to me.

The good, I can see them evolves, unlike planet shakers it is huge movement now, and their album is always evolving, different sound each album, much like d: That means I won't be bored and yea this album is like how d: evolved from TOUCH to WORLD SERVICE to MISSION BELL can you imagine? And I know they have been busy touring the world and more than that, making impacts in poor countries, doing mission works.

The bad, it helps me to see where are we now compare to them. I mean, hey, 8 years ago we're a small group, about 30-40 now, we're erm.... well let's not go there, if new people comes in and no old one lefts, we well, let's not go there also. Now their songs are so hard to sing, not because we can't sing it, not because the tone is such hard tone to sing, It is the lyrics, Everytime I hear SOLUTION, I can't help to wonder, are we ready for that? or are we still at step one / zero of it? huh?

One thing is for sure, they are dominating as some have experienced it in Audi 7 last night

"But right now, we're taking HOME to the WORLD" - Joel Houston

Watch the DVD, I HEART REVOLUTION, is it time for us to have another revolution? are we ready for it? We shall find out this Saturday.

God be the solution
We will be Your hands and be Your feet.
Yeah, yeah

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