The Magic of Hillsong

Once again, Hillsong's down here, It is not Darlene, nor Nigel that's on the band, but hey they have Miriam Webster and Redman Bedham and some guys which I seen before when I was visiting Hillsong over at SYD.

Hillsong IMHO can be considered as father of contemporary worship as they took over the world with storms and selling albums etc etc. Why the other bands influence wasn't great (at least in the asian region) I don't know. But hillsong people would scream and shout about it.

Tonight is one night that I don't really enjoy the hall because it is too pack and sweat smells all around. The stage is small but the passion and worship is huge. WHY? I do respect them for their album and songs, don't get me wrong.

Many years ago when I was probably at Christine's age, I would feel excited and feel enthusiastic about all these kind of things. WOO~ing at any bands that decided to drop by as the years went by that slowly died off. The reason being is both clear and unclear at the same time. My reason was of course, they are humans too... If they can do it why not us? the other reasons like I said, I am not really clear about it either.

As i sat in the hall The passion was intense, it is so great that even if you don't sing you feel the worshipful atmosphere. That's crazy. You see people singing with Miriam and it is huge really huge. All hand raised all voice lifted up. I can't help to wonder always... Hmm what's is it going to be like this Saturday? Empty cold carpets? Or people passionate like how the Hillsong band lead the people into worship. I am not saying our band is not good. You guys are great, If I would to play, I would play with you guys.

I went back today with bittersweet feelings. As I do most of the concerts. It is encouraging when someone great really shows you what is good is call, I learn that alright, I can't help to wonder when will be like them. I see their heart of volunteering to serve and tour around, it makes me jealous. But sometimes we must not lose the youthfulness in us.

I am getting older, sometimes we look too much at the technicality and ignore the the simplest, "HEART" and I got to learn to let go sometimes and go back to the purpose, and the HEART this keyboard uh can't type properly that's it for now

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Anonymous said...

the heart: even though it is only as big as your fist. it containts the passion of LIFE.jow