Such is life

I have been working very hard but producing very slowly for the past a week and a half now. I tell you I really lack of sleep. Everyday working at least until 10 and sometimes 12. Wake up and the process starts all over again.

With the cut down church activities I am able to do abit of rushing the cdrom project. Right now I am yawning non-stop. Besides the fact that I work like mad, I took sometime off to cyber cafes to play on some game. Haha surprise? Me too.

But my colleague have been Starcrafting all week long and I joined them for a number of days. Once I work till 12 and when I wanted to go home I went inside and release some stress. We left the cafe about 2.30 in the morning. I lost of course.

The next day after the presentation to the client, we went and play at night and this time I won. HAHA. Ok I realise that there is no point I blog this. I don't know why I blog this entry.


On the good note, Joleen is back! But I haven't seen here since I fetched her back. She is busier than I. So that's about it maybe I'll see her on weekends then.


My fish. I had to buy them worms. Carnivores. Mr Puffer is really cute and Mr. John moves more when it comes to food and when I on the light. Genarally they would like to just lay and get some sun tan. I mean light bulb tan.

Oi back to work! -_-

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