For the Audience

For the audience?

Yes, I admit sometimes I got too carried away with technicality and mine and other's capability in playing music that I forgot which audience we're singing to. It is for the audience of ONE.

Today (saturday) some wind blow, many of the youth appear to have some kind of events and program on. Which I don't know why and what is it for most of them. I happen to worship lead today and looking at the crowd, I admit I wasn't really pumped. But I remind myself, I want to do it for God.

The crowd started pouring in, but I didn't even take a look at who turns out, who came in. I didn't care today. I just worship God. But I can hardly hear the audience today so I just kept singing. What's that sensational feeling of worship? Did we hit the right note? I don't know. I just know that it felt nice. I hope the others feels it too.

Sunday came and it is the 1st time every Joe worship leading on Sunday. Being as fresh as he is, He chose daring songs, kinda reminded how I used to be. I did not stop him from singing those songs on Sunday, because you can't wait for the congregation to sing. But then again. Is it too radical? Sometimes I still ponder whether have leading in main service made me an old man.

But when it comes to Saturday boy my songs were out of control, yet the best of praise is limited to claps. PEOPLE!! let's make a change! we should be impacting the world outside. The world is changing. Oh how long will you still mourn over Elvis Presley's death? How long will you keep wanting us to play you Teressa Teng?

I just hope when we grow up to become like them, we would not condem those young punks trying to make metal rock out of worship or something. It is unimaginable. Just can't imagine how fast music can change.

Always remember. We are playing for the audience of ONE. Amen

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