There is no solution to it?

Everyweek, there is sure one day where I am totally down with flu, I have no idea why. If you know the answer tell me, It only happens when I am in office, probably that's the reason. Work. I tried all kinds.

I know I have a very sensitive nose, and I constantly need airflow, if the air is not flowing there bound to be trouble. hmm? But too bad I am at work so there is no airflow. My body is sensitive too when there is change of weather, And that means being in this country is absolute craziness. It is so hot that we can't live w/o air-cond but once I get out from my air-cond room.. oh oh..

Flu usually hit me when I on the air-cond the previous night, what can I do dude? It is hot. I can't touch cold floors with my bare feet. It will bring me sneezes sooner than expected. Why can't the weather be consistent? When I was in Sydney in winter, I sneezed once during the 10 days.. Cool huh? I thought I would sneeze like 500 times. but I sneezed once. that's when it was real hot when I came back to the house. See sudden change.

The worst thing is, it affects my work, I work slower, feeling sleepy and drowsy, hard to concentrate and feeling bad at the end of the day for not producing much. URGH

I tried exercising to increase my body immune system, nada

I tried vitamins, nada

I tried just using fan, nada

Do I have to situate myself up in Camerons or Genting? You know, If I would to start a company, I might.

So, I pray you'll grow stronger and better, weakling


angeliCassie said...

it's alright bro john..i heard you can do like some kind of operation to fix it..IF it is sinus..haha

choose genting,k?

Anonymous said...

eh i know what you do. you wear thick socks when you sleep in aircond room.