Why Didn't I Stop?

Today I got myself driving around and was just deep in thoughts, No I wasn't mad at the people that crossed me I am just lost in thoughts. That becoming a very familiar situation.

But a phenomena happened. There was a slight jam at the toll skipping road I take. I never get caught before. As I enter the small narrow road. I realised what's happening. There is a old grandfather, topless holding a stick probably in his 80's or 90's Just stopping every car as they moved in and asked for something. He probably lost his mind or he is just begging for soemthing. I don't really know. I can see a blur image of his motion. He was waving as if he wants a cigarrete, on another car he was like asking for money.

Some stopped a while and look at him and figure what he wants, I swifted to one side bypassing him without even looking at him. But after that I was questioning myself. What does he wants? What he needs? Do he need money? Care? Concern? A Hug? Too often we always avoid people like that, fearing the evil that they'll bring. He is just a grandfather, with a walking stick which he probably can't even hold it up straight high.

But what's worst is sometime we don't stop for people that we know, Things that they have done that probably looks ugly... Somethings that they done which should not have done. We just want to wave pass and swift aside... I must say, I do that sometimes, Just turning away from the people I know. And they don't deserve it. I guess I got to learn now to open my window and ask what do you want? Can I give you a hug? Now there is a video somewhere on youtube, But i have to find it 1st it is about hugging people. We can start with the people we love / know.


On a happier side of things, I came home tired and exhausted but I open my door and guess what I saw? NO it is not Joleen, No it is not Nintendo WII, NO certainly not iPod. NO NO NO it is not the prime minsiter. It is... it is... (Drum Roll)


Chech! all the anticipation. What the heck is that? IT IS ZOOM G7.1ut I figure it is a crazy piece of guitar effects pedal. But sadly it is not mine. It belongs to my brother. He bought it. The pedal that he used to own got some parts that are gone and need some sort of replacement. So he decided to upgrade it.

From the looks itself it looks like some kind of mean machine. Well I never expected him to be that dedicated to music. Actually me and my brother are kinda odd. My parents never really plays music. Actually my dad does but he is lazy to practice. So Me and my brother kept buying great stuffs. Well his greater.

He had one performance coming up but just 2 songs. But he bought a Rm1100 pedal. That money he earn and was saving for a computer. He was like crazily craved for computer and work in my mom's office daily bored himself out to save the money. But it turns out he bought the pedal 1st. Really respect him. I think his ability and passion already surpass me many fold. many many. Great job bro!

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