New method learned late.

I just got hit in the head massively last night... No, I am not talking about physical hit on the head, but more like a realization. It is odd that I caught it late.

I was at Joleen's church for their function yesternight. I wasn't invited, but since I had nothing to do, I decided to go anyway. I don't know what function, I don't know anything. Hah! I was greeted with an empty hall with some stalls.

The entire service was casual, it is indeed an event for the July intake students around that area, about 10 uni in total, to just invite them and get to know them. I was lost of course since I am working and decided to drop by. But the meeting was casual, no real praise and worship just some bunch of sunday school songs, YMCA dance and just eating and playing game.

That's the rest of the night. it puts me to think... that's a good method to use, I mean not to say throwing the whole service into chaos. We're youths man... it doesn't have to be like some mundane sunday service. Here is like neverland. oh yes!

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