Hey Joe!

I went for a musical play today. A musical play by Sri Sempurna, Stephanie's school. Since she said she is singing in the choir, I'm very interested because she's involve in something and it is always worth going to when people you know are involve in good activities.

The musical took me by surprise really. As usual I did not expect much (this is when good things looks gooder) Jonah have always been a fascinating story to me, Probably the most memorable the most drilled into my head since I was a kid. That's because my dad always have been telling it to me, Yes, he did tell other stories, but this one was exceptional. It was rather interactive, when he got to the part where the fish threw Jonah out, he would always take the blanket, put me in it and swing a bit and threw me out onto the bed. And it has been told many many times.

So the same is with this musical play and not much to be said because I can't describe how awesomely goody good it was. The main actor was really really really crazy actor. And boy he can be in comedy act.

Stephs' choir team is also crazy. Not to mention they are bunch of talented singing kids. Very very nice job guys. After some meeting and shooting photo and meeting some hot guy friends of Felicia we went to makan with the family. Me and joe were really fed.

I had the weirdest fashion today. Joe gave me his coat because he could no longer fit. And boy that coat really make me look odd and weird but they say it is nice. Because I wore it with jeans and converse, but it looked like Reuben Morgan kinda dress. Nice!

hot guys- (noun) - Handsome
(verb) - appear to be sweating at the time of mention of 'hot'



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hot guys?? :)

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