The sun after the rain

The sun will always come after a series of heavy storm. So after my new hard disk crash, cash conned, iPod crash, earphone lost due to carelessness etc... in a series of unfortunate events, the sun is slowly coming out

So what happen to the sad face icon AKA SadFacePod? I don't know. I miss the iPod. It went to Nepal. Survive a few months with me in office, Life is short and fast... You never know when you gotta go. Just one fine day he went to PODheaven and never came and say hello.. I didn't even had a chance to say goodbye.

I will always miss you... Oh the good times we had together, you singing, preaching, showing me nice videos and I just sit there staring at you without complaining. I dent you twice yet you didn't scream at me... Good bye old pod.

AND HELLO! NEW POD. same white as the old one. shines brightly, =) Thanks SAPURA team for unable to fix my old one and decided to give me the new POD woohoo. I guess being in a country who does not know much about advance technology has its benefits. I was asking how much to replace battery they told me that I have to change the whole POD... PFFF. You can DIY yourself.

Anyway, Thank God! It feels like a new toy that I just bought, feels like liking an iPod again love renewed? =) Anyway I have to go through the process of painfully loading back stuff. Though, I am more excited about my brother's 22" LCD screen which I will benefit for 2 months Can't wait to put up the iTunes coverflow test HAH!

Adios. and remember, even the sun is shining, that does not mean dark clouds aren't coming back. If they do come back, remember the sun is always there waiting its moments to shine


~Kimmy 사랑~ said...

another ipod? i also want..

angeliCassie said...

yea sunshine weeeee =)