Here comes random. Although I hate the Camera on the Phone it does get special effects sometimes.

To start it all, let me show you the new LCD screen. It is my Brothers. And yes I own the one on the left T.T

There new iPod. =) nice huh... feels young again woo hoo!

There is my tank, it is very dirty now But I gotten a filter though

That's Mr. Puffer who died a few weeks ago

Me myself and I yes that's Mr. John

For some reason this stupid Tetra jumped out of the tank. Yes they are that stupid!

Taken during the AGM of HPA... that is how I felt towards the service. Even the chair is EMO!

Good citizens of GRYP doing some good deeds like cleaning dirt of white boards.

Lazy citizens of GRYP erm cleaning dirt of white boards? haha

as above

Lastly, the generation of tomorrow. One holding PDA, 2 Holding phone. In a restaurant. They won't know what is call conversation, meeting face to face. This is oh too common, The coldest family reunion I saw.

That's it!

Have a nice Day

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