So well am I excited? Well yea. I haven't pack my gosh. Oh well it's just a weekend trip. It started out as an idea which I didn't even thought of. The thing about traveling along really does gives me goose bumps. Yea sure many people have done it.

I don't know where am I heading to actually. How it is done? no idea my dad have been talking to my uncle about me staying at his place. But really. I haven't spoke much to him nor my cousins. Maybe this trip could mean something else. =)

So what's up? My main agenda is to catch Delirious LIVE! yea yea I've seen them twice live before so why go again? I don't know... probably just a really really Fan Fan! haha. Its a city harvest celebration of praise and their anniversary so pretty crazy.

Besides that, hmm hopefully I'll get to sentosa park and park myself there? probably experience a thing or two which might cost me money =( but hack we should all have some fun sometimes.. the question remains.. ALONE?

Well yea! The reason why I took break was because I needed one. And life is too dull to sit and work and work and sleep so you know I need something to make my life interesting... like traveling to places I don't know. Probably other countries next. =)

I am traveling really light, so it is just me, and my abandoned supersample and of course ipod. maybe a book too. See how =) see you back here =_=! pray for me


~Kimmy 사랑~ said...

wah.. going for delirious concert? so nice.. i also want..

anyway.. the previous blog looks nice.. i miss all of u..

btw.. what event is that?

take care

Rei said...

bra, ur goin to Singapore, not cambodia larz (-.- ;) it's like 100x more civilized than KL.