Land of Merlion (Singa+Mermaid)

Updated: 08082007

I totally got mix feeling about this trip. Some questions still remains. But truly my initial purpose was to get to see d:live but I got surprise when I was there. I didn't expect to be have mix feelings.ok so long post and I gonna blog in columns this time
Ok so, I arrived at the immigration in Singapore and found that it was crowded with people. I got mine chopped and when I came out. Guess what? my bus is gone... NADA I went up and down and NADA. It suppose to fetch me to the bus terminal of Singapore. But it is a lousy company I suppose.

Thankfully I did my research on the internet (always do it before you
travel) I know where my uncle sort of stays and I did some walking and bus route analyzing and found a bus to MRT (that's their train) and I did impress him and his family that I actually know how to do an Bus and MRT. But What I didn't know was that it took me like an hour half almost to the train station near his house! Some 28 train stops and one interchange! But I was shocked that It cost only $1.75. The apartment is at a place called Pasir Ris (pronouced PAS-SER-RIS) Can't help it. Due to the lack of Bahasa usage, many words are pretty odd sounding.

A very long ride later. I reached the destination. Got introduced to Jackson and later Esther which are my cousins both 14 and 16 respectively. They looked as though it's their 1st time meeting me, which Jackson called me Uncle. DUDE! This is sad part of my life. Truth is I was never close to any cousin ever. It is likely we met often. More so with my singapore cousins. The last I saw
them, they were like 6 years old.
Everyone speaks Chinese and English there. I really can't stand their TVB drama series there. Every drama is in CHINESE uh.. dudes in Singapore - it is not cool. asking them watch in Cantonese is probably like us watching it in Hindi. Yes I had to endure much episodes with it.

The family treat me exceptionally good. So paiseh to trouble them really. They brought me everywhere, I didn't pay for my food. I didn't pay much for transport. Aunty even bought a shirt for me. When I was there so happen this girl who was either their cousin or their family friend was there and yea she also joined us. She's about my age. I felt stranger than strange though. Although I wanted and planned to go to Sentosa on my 2nd day there, That didn't happen because they accompany me out. I didn't expect that. I thought everyone got their own program and sorts. But yea.

We saw Sentosa from a shopping mall. I did not want to make any suggestion for the fear that they'll keep paying my entertainment there. It's like genting indoor but everything is payable. And surprisingly none of them went there before.
Theylove shopping and buying stuff. Its their entertainment. Its really boring in Singapore if you talking about long term staying. Everywhere is peaceful and calm and structured. there is not much crime. Every means of transport are properly layed. Their apartments looked 2 days old when they really are 10 years old. Their car looked like they've been bought a few hours ago when really it is not that new. It is a beautiful Robotic Metropolis City. 3 Laws of Robotics.. Don't cross road without lights, Don't litter and Don't rob people

So we walked and shopped alot well out of courtesy they bring me shop
alot. Me? I bought a converse which cost RM70 cheaper than Msia. Because they are shifting. If I had more, I would have bought 2 instead. Here's what I've got... It is rare edition it seems. Hmm

OK STOP. Back to my initial purpose

Concert was nut case. I went alone which thankfully good because to get me a seat.(you know when there is always gap seats in the middle) It wasn't the best seat around because all I see is band member's back but then again I was like 5 feet away from the drummer. I queued for almost an hour! I wanted to asked Esther and Jackson. But I had little courage and I don't know them well enough. And their mom was there. And I don't know if they want to wait for and hour.

I never expect there were other bands but when I went in the song was so so so familiar... it was... "I just want to be where you are" oh my
gosh... It's the eigthys! but hey forget about d: the the other d: (Don Moen) is one old chap that really kicks! Well they rotate to play different set list and Don got excited and when he played and sang "God is good, all the time" oh man that was it.. The whole crowd went mad especially the older generations~~ Yeeeehaaaa~ and then he suddenly got up from his seat took his violin and pulled a long solo! dude! teach me how to do that!! Haha

So if d: was not there, DON MOEN was good enough! Check out the pics below. Phil Pringle preached by the way. About God's love. Lazurus death and all.

Check this out. This is what I got from there not quite good quality but i like the effects

That's Stew Smith the drummer. I like the 1st pic of martin in the spots.

I get to steal some skills from Stew Smith. It help much by means because he is a left handed. From my position I can see it better. His strokes were crazy, strength driven strokes. Anyway you don't want me to post the set list here. They played 8 Songs with 2 New Numbers.
I found a flaw in their system. I meant Singapore. they can't have long rallies or long services because mostly relied heavily on Public Transport. The shuttle buses to MRT were pack with sardines and more sardines swimming to it so I decided to walk to MRT. Ok that was a wrong move!

I asked a couple of guys they all gave wrong directions So. Yea i missed the last train so I had to rush to get a bus which gets me to erm a Tampines, a station before where I stayed hopefully to catch the last train from there. well Let's just say it took an HOUR A WHOLE HOUR! to get to that station. and did I mention that my phone battery icon was in red? and somehow the charger can't charge it. So yea I couldn't call much, my uncle called. It is really tensed situation OH well. it was 12:30 when I reached the station but too late the train passed before me and I can't catch it UH! so I went and called my uncle from the public phone. Thank God I jot the number down and I manage to find some coins. phew

So I took a cab back and by the time I reach was like 1 am and cost me $6 yea yea its no big deal but my uncle had to stay up to wait for me. Lesson to learn DUN PARTY TOO LATE IN SINGAPORE U MIGHT SLEEP ON STREET! hahahahhahahahaha.

I did not go church the following day because City Harvest don't have service that weekend. And I have no idea where to go to, I mean my uncle wouldn't know either. The rest are like sleeping. But I've made up my mind to try to spend time with my relatives, build relationship?
They are actually slow paced. On Sunday I woke up late like 8 and my cousins
I don't knwo what time they woke up but they like to dili deli until like 1pm then say go lunch! but yea we went to some mall had our lunch and shop. (again) hahaha. This time its only my 2 cousins were there and they tried hard to be a good guest. Bought me bubble tea and yea. Thanks Esther & Jackson. They brought me to Christian bookstore too.. haha so nice of them. I didn't even asked.
That's it I later had dinner with the family at one of the community project of National Day and yea had a tired day and weekend. I took their emails before I left. I hope to build better relationship. I don't know what's the outcome of this trip. Do I get refresh? yea from HPA for a weekend it is great. Myself? It got me thinking a lot. How do I reach out to people like my cousins. It is hard. But do-able but how? I don't know yet.

Well one thing is for sure, I had a weird interesting weekend. I spent
time with people I don't really know. And I like that. Thank you all for that great hospitality. Oh before I end the post, I must say they all have MP3Players and PSP! gosh!
And the coolest brand of all, is this - We were in coffee shop and as usual people take order.. and we all ordered. Jackson just said I want to drink Whatever. Then the uncle jot down Whatever. I tot it was a joke. But when I was asked do we have this drink here. I was like shocked I bought 2 of them one is call WHatever and the other Anything. Hmmm I was thinking of a restaurant name ANYWHERE or CINCAI LA. That would solve many Sunday After Church Lunch Syndrom (SACLS) hahaha...

Anything - Carbonated
Whatever - Non Carbonated
Both also random flavors so you won't know what's inside clever product



Rei said...

I think their public transport system is well developed enough. Even Japan's public transport stop at midnite. U name me one country that has trains/buses that run for 24hrs. Singapore government is very meticulous and good at planning, COMPARED to Malaysian government. U walk for an hr, u must have notice that they have pedestrian walking and proper traffic lights everywhere! A country where the residents have to depend solely on cars = under developed. USA is a different story cuz the land is too big. Instead of spending tons of money on some stupid tunnel that didn't help a bit, they really should start planning for a better public transport system! Btw i feel very embarassed everytime I cross the causeway, the difference between Woodlands checkpoint and JB custom. Abt the following-rules part, I had debate wit ryo b4 & now i agree wit him. if the citizens aren't considerate by nature, I guess rules does help. It's definitely better to live in a country where there's a whole stack of rubbish under the DO NOT LITTER signage.

debbie said...

i love the last part!!!!!!
whatever and anything....did you buy one of those?????

John said...

Haha yea debbie I bought one each. But due to time factor and availability of hands, I didn't but more else I would have bought 6 packs and all and give to some hehe


If I go again to Singapore I might consider buying it haha