Eh discount la!

Malaysia is still far from our friends beyond this potato like boundaries. While several companies understands the importance of being different in terms of media marketing (like digi) Most company results in using the same old method and technique and wants it really really cheap.

I have worked for many clients now since started last year and there are a few which are really nice and good. While others still "eh discount la" "put my logo bigger" "MUST put my photo bigger" "har you mean you only do 10 pages for me?" Well there are extreme cases of the more I pay the more info I should put in. Even if it has nothing to do with the company

As far as the design is concern. I am still torn. I have been working abit too slow because I am torn really between being really MODERN and TRADITIONAL and it is hard. Most of my design is really modern, plain empty, and most importantly clean. Like this site. But usually, that will never be accepted in Malaysian market. Because "I pay so much you do so little?" The end result, my design ended up hybrid.

The fact is, we'll never be able to improve if we are looking at website is simply just another flyer in one of the many flyers that goes out every year. Well if companies are still looking at website as a flyer, it will end up where normal flyer does - the bin.

and we laugh at Singaporeans being kiasu. HAH!

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